What is individual advocacy?

  • Amplifying the voices of people with IDD by working in partnership with individuals and their families

  • Providing people with IDD and their families, information, skills and tools to make self-directed and informed choices regarding their lives or the lives of their loved ones

  • Speaking up about the civil rights of people with IDD and where necessary, speaking on behalf of people who are too vulnerable to do so themselves

  • Assisting people to access community based resources, services and supports that are available to community members in general, and to people with IDD in particular

  • Supporting people and families to resolve concerns that arise with the resources, services, and supports they and their loved ones access or wish to access

  • Facilitating relationships with fellow community members and creating opportunities for people to fully participate in the community

How do we provide Individual advocacy?     

ACL provides advocacy through a team approach. Team members consult, collaborate, and support one another so that people requesting and receiving advocacy benefit from their collective knowledge, skills, and expertise. Although there may be a primary advocacy coordinator designated, a secondary advocacy coordinator, and other members of the ACL team may move in and out of the advocacy situation as needed.

A person or family requesting individual advocacy will typically consult with one or two advocacy coordinators to discuss the issue, situation, or concern for which advocacy is requested. Every situation is different and every person or family we meet with is unique. Thus, advocacy will look different for different people, and can range from one consult to ongoing communication. Together we will decide how advocacy might look for you and your situation.  



For Adults

We believe you have the right to decide how you live your life, and we are here to help you speak up and access the services, supports, and community resources that you want and need. We can support you to do things like: lead your own meetings, find service providers and community resources that match your interests, and resolve concerns that might arise with providers and systems. To go directly to our online form to request advocacy, click here.


For Children

The ACL strives to help parents become the best advocates for their child.  We provide advocacy to families with children up to age 21 who need special education services or accommodations through Boulder Valley or St. Vrain Valley School Districts. This advocacy includes consultation with parents and students to explore educational options, participation in school meetings, and much more. To go directly to our online form to request advocacy for your child, click here.