ReWriting Our Worlds Afternoon Writing Workshop

ReWriting Our Worlds is organized around mythologist Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey. The Hero/Heroine answers the call to the journey, is tested and challenged as she/he sees the allies, obstacles, mentors and gifts of the journey and then has to find a way to integrate the adventure into their daily lives. We are already all on this road, this class will give us the language and format to make better sense of it as we deepen our understanding of our personal story.

No writing experience is required. Our writing sessions are guided by readings and writing prompts.  Please bring a laptop or notebook along with a water bottle.

 Saturday, December 1st from 1-5 PM at the ACL in Lafayette.

For more information, contact facilitator Anna Stewart at

Can We Update Your Voter Registration?


ACL has staff trained to register adults to vote through the Public Participation Project (part of Community Resource Center). We can help you register as a new voter, change your address and take your pledge to vote in the November election. We will have our clipboards ready at our events and meet-ups, at our office and in the community.

Did you know you can vote for only one race or ballot issue if you want? Everyone has the right to vote and have your voice count about issues that matter to you!