ReWriting Our Worlds

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A monthly writing group for parents of children/adults with unique needs

With assistance from the Hero’s Journey via Joseph Campbell, we free-write from prompts each month as we own our life story. We rewrite to understand our individual narrative as well as the elements that come from our cultures and communities. All levels of writers are welcome.

This group meets once a month on a Sunday from 1-3:30 PM in Lafayette. Interested writers are welcome after they have joined the half-day Hero’s Journey workshop to establish a writing foundation and relationships. Our work is intimate and requires a safe, inclusive space. Please contact Anna at if you are interested. Hero’s Journey workshops are scheduled as needed.

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Facilitated by Anna Stewart, a parent, author and writer. Anna has published over 500 articles, columns and essays in books, newspapers and online mediums. She’s also taught writing at various organizations and is honored to work with parents who have children with disabilities as we rewrite our stories.


Association for Community Living

2770 Dagny Way, Ste 202,

Lafayette CO 80026


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