ACL Memberships

Please consider becoming (or renewing as) a member of the Association for Community Living (ACL) in Boulder and Broomfield counties. Your support will enable us to provide individual and systems advocacy for children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families. As a membership organization we value the support of our members and their participation in the governance of the ACL. Becoming an ACL member allows us to influence, advise, and share our collective voice on behalf of people with IDD.

Benefits of being an ACL member include:

  • Concurrent memberships in the Arc of Colorado and the Arc of US which provides access to the benefits listed at

  • 15% discount at arc Thrift Stores

  • Opportunity to vote for Board of Directors

  • Each individual voice joins in the collective voice of our memberships which can then work together to create changes in policy and attitude that promote the rights of people with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities (IDD)

  • Opportunity to run for our Board of Directors

  • Receive regular notices through our e-newsletter and emails of events, classes, notices and announcements