Not so special

A Support Group for Parents Who have Children with Special Needs


Where: 6676 Gunpark Drive, Suite E, Boulder, CO. 80301

When:  Every other Monday from 9:30-11:00.

Facilitator: Debra Fitzgibbons, LCSW

Fee: No Fee. Group is supported by the ACL


Deb has been working with kids and their parents for almost 30 years.

For more information and to attend the group, please call Deb at 303-443-0089 or e-mail at

The intention is for the group to be a place where you can find support for the complicated challenges that arise when raising a child with special needs. The group can be a place where emotional, educational, and practical resources will be provided, depending on what you need. And hopefully, we can also have some laughs.

Please come, your kids will thank you for it.

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