Public Policy Committee


The Public Policy Committee (PPC) is composed of at least three members. The Chair of the committee must be a member of the Board. Two or more members shall be elected at the Annual Membership Meeting. The Executive Director is an ex officio member of the PPC. All members of the Board and staff are welcome to attend PPC meetings.

Members of the PPC may monitor, review, and recommend to the Board of Trustees positions on pending bills, laws, policy, rules and regulations that may affect the lives of persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD). The members of the PPC will partner with the Arc of the United States and other chapters of the Arc in Colorado to constructively participate in the development of public policy that improves the quality of the lives of people with I/DD. Committee members may attend any meetings at the local or state level and may meet with key decision-makers in an effort to inform stakeholders of the ACL and/or gather information pertinent to persons with I/DD.

Any written or oral public statements; coalitions; and public actions made by members of the PPC as representatives of the ACL must be approved by the Board.  The Chair and/or members will report regularly to the Board of Trustees any significant actions or issues considered by the PPC.