Community Outreach Committee

The ACL Community Outreach Committee is made up of ACL Board members, staff, and members of the community. The Committee meets once a month and is chaired by a member of the ACL Board.
The purpose of the Committee is to support the Board in their role as ambassadors for the ACL by educating them about the work the ACL does and by communicating upcoming opportunities to be personally involved in community outreach activities.
During meetings, committee members discuss what is going on ‘in the field’ (A month in the Life of the ACL), what resources are needed to address outreach priorities, and how Board members can help (specific ‘asks’). The Committee creates a report after each meeting that includes this information and the report is shared with the ACL Board and the staff. The specific ‘asks’ to the Board will be communicated in the report and/or emails, and they take two forms:
•    “ACL Board Action” - these are vitally important, time sensitive, tangible actions that have a big impact on ACL constituents, such as making calls to legislators when the ACL needs to communicate information and/or a position on a legislative or public policy matter
•    “Board Opportunity of the Month” -  these are upcoming opportunities for Board members to match their personal interests and expertise with community outreach efforts, such as attending a Meet-Up in the community or an ACL training

The Committee shares outreach materials for the Board to share with their contacts and as a guide when attending events as ambassadors for the ACL. As needed, the Committee may also collaborate with other ACL Committees to guide Board members when they are asked to make public statements on behalf of the ACL